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armadio collezione alissa

lhara wardrobe collection

L'armadio fa parte della omonima serie che comprende un comò, una specchiera, un angolo, una poltroncina ed un pouff.

L'armadio è composto da pannelli sfilabili che possono essere realizzati in noce, tessuto o laccato. 

​The wardrobe is part of the homonymous series that includes a chest of drawers, a mirror, a corner cupboard, an armchair and an ottoman. The six doors, which cover a total length of 318 cm, are covered with removable panels that can be made of walnut, fabric or lacquer wood. The doors alternate with the three deep grooves that run vertically over the entire height of the cabinet. Inside the groove there is a knob that allows the opening of the wardrobe.


Out of production


Porro Arredamenti



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