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The project is based on three fundamental principles.The first, of a structural nature, concerns the particular shape of the central part that gives the name to the model, also highlighted through the lighter color and the contrasting vein pattern.

The second, of an aesthetic nature, concerns the insertion of a particular T-shaped profile in solid wood, representing the potential of craftsmanship.

The third is expressed by the idea of ​​apparent suspension of the container elements, obtained through the central pi and the rear bottom panel that constitute the true structural component of the model.

On the functional level, while the central part can be used as a vertical chest of drawers for bottles, the side parts can be configured contaniers (which can be opened with a push-pull mechanism) according to an idea of ​​maximum versatility.

This particular profile can become a characteristic element of any other configurations and models, such as shelves, tables or other wardrobes