architecture and design


refurbishment of BS apartment

with Barbara Cavalieri


Cantù (CO)


The renovation included a new distribuiton of the living area with the creation of three main parts: the dining room, the lounge and the fireplace area/office. The central element of the division is the large double-sided bookcase supported by the central pillar. The library is a multifunctional body that functions as a room divider,  as  entrance to the dining and living room, as  storage, but also as desk for the office part. The new space is characterised by new elements, such as the sofa, but also by "historical" pieces of design, such as Castiglioni's lamp, the chairs by Breuer, or the table designed by Giulio Moscatelli. The surfaces have all been reconfigured with new finishing of the floor, and new colors, the dove-gray for the walls and the white for the brick wall.