architettura and design


 "1000 orti a km 0 per Milano" contest

with Basilico Simona, Cavalieri Barbara, Galimberti Paolo
Milano (mi)



The selected building is located on the outskirts of Milan in via Legnone. The entire complex was built in the '30s by the architects Luciano Baldessari and Gio Ponti for the "Italcima", a chocolate factory today converted into offices and flats. The project is developed on the roof of the building of the factory. The historical value of the building is recalled by the plan distribution, similar to the chocolate bar produced by the factory, designed on a grid originated from rectangular modules based on the golden ratio, an implicit reference to rationalist style. The scheme is interrupted by the two paths that represent the connecting lines with two important sites for the city of Milan, one historical and the other current: the Botanical Garden of Brera and the cluster of chocolate at the area of ​​EXPO 2015.